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No Need For Any In-App Purchases In Toy Blast Hack Version

Since the advent of mobile phones, especially the smartphones games have been one of the basic features to be incorporated in it. Doesn’t matter whether it an old Symbian phone or the latest Android or the iOS phone, games are available in all kinds. These games are addictive and engrossing just like the toy blast hack version which doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

The objective of the game

This a puzzle game in which you have free the toys of Amy so that she gets the opportunity to play with them. This is achieved by aligning the same colour boxes in a vertical or in a horizontal fashion. The same colours boxes when matched are destroyed and the toys move a step closer to her.

Why is it so interesting using Toy Blast Cheats?

Although it has the same old basic concept of matching the boxes of the same colour and winning yet there are some attributes that make this game interesting. One of those features is the boosters. You must use the boosters according to the need of the game. These boosters of toy blast hack sometimes provide you with the head start or even auto arrange the same coloured boxes and even destroy them for you which are very handy in the latter stages. As the game progress, the level of the game becomes tougher hence making you utilize more of your brain power. Thus in the higher levels i=of the game using the boosters in a proper way will make to clear the tough levels like a TNT booster will destroy all the blocks in a single go, around Amy’s toy or the Roto booster which when used destroy all the blocks in a particular row. As the colours blocks are destroyed in huge numbers hence the number of coins earned is also large.

It may seem simple to align same colour boxes but toy blast hack has challenging gameplay allowing only a limited number of moves at a particular time or level. This makes it difficult to match the same coloured boxes. Also, unlike other puzzle games, each stage has its own obstacles, grid lines and a set of moves. The main character Amy is seen knitting new toys to play with. The game’s graphics are deliberately designed in such a fashion that it looks like all the attributes of the game are sketched. In the start of the game, the players are provided with 5 lives which when utilised or are exhausted you will lose and will have the game from starting which you will because of the interest that you would develop by playing it.


Social integration

Almost everyone nowadays is active on social media sites. This game, toy blast hack has social media integration which allows you to see the progress of other players playing online. There is a chance of you topping the leader board charts by collecting the maximum number of coins.

It is addictive, fun and a simple match game which is suitable for all age groups. Its graphics and extra features which aren’t found in any other puzzle-based games make it an enjoyable game.